Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I will Dream, Create and Became for this is What the Lord has Called Me to do.

I. Bad choices produce a bad lifestyle and failure.
II. Success is understanding that procrastination is trying to avoid life.
III. Be honest with yourself, dedicated to the task at hand, and give it everything you’ve got.
IV. Theorists suggest and pragmatists do.
V. Success is often lost because defeat is accepted much too early
VI. Tell the truth, keep your word, obey the laws of God
VII. Success is relying on others who possess strengths you do not have.
VIII. Always try to be the best you can possibly, and then beat it.
IX. Don’t wait for opportunities to knock on your door
X. Invest in your brain
XI. Consider your life a great gift from God to do, to create and to be all that you want to be.
XII. You can rise above everything if you believe in yourself
XIII. Never allow anyone to presume against you and make predictions about your life.
XIV. Without a mission, you’ll never reach the goal
XV. Losers are always looking for excuses
XVI. Winners keep their eye on the results and are prepared to pay the price, take the risk and enjoy the benefits.
XVII. Why not think big and leave a mark for those who follow?

Monday, January 19, 2009

Everyone cannot possibly win in the same race, however someone ought to win. Just that small extra excellence could make impossible, possible.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Little Apologetics for the Soul

How can there be a God when there is evil in the world?

An argument against why God allows “evil,” for say, in this world and in people life would be, because He didn’t want us to be as the animals, like robots using only mere instinct or what was programmed. He wants us to truly think and choose on our own to believe in Him or not to believe, because of His great love, wanting true love back from us. To put it in our view, which kind of love is more important: a dog’s love or a person’s love? A person’s love right, because that kind of love is more true considering the fact that a person can choose to love and a dog is chosen, by you, to love. God treats winning our love the same way, not speaking for God however but by experience, by letting us truly choose for ourselves to give that love back to Him. Although, this is not some kind of selfish love either, where God is letting evil in your life making no way out sending us to Hell if we mess up; the troubles that happen in life are to make us stronger for this world and/or the next. Also, to show Himself to you, that we need Him in our everyday life, because we are far from perfect. It’s His great love that saves us from our own sins.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Guilty proven innocent

Today I had an indifferent encounter with a cashier at a local Target store. However, it does seem to happen more than never nowadays. As I was checking out, paying for what I have chosen to buy, I did something that would not seem to be a big deal. I handed him a hundred dollar bill and me being only sixteen years of age, wearing my new American Eagle sweat shirt and jeans, this guy had to check this out. He stood there for about three minutes holding it up to the light checking every corner and every mark, while telling me all the different little things this hundred dollar bill had. Now don’t think there wasn’t a line, because there was one, a growing aggravating line; however, this one stubborn cashier had other agendas. He started comparing it with other hundred dollar bills; still unsatisfied he decided to call a lady with experience to come check it out. As I waited there thinking, wow this guy giving me way too much credit, they were talking it out. The lady was the in defense for me and the cashier was fight against me showing all the maybes in the dollar bill. Then at last in a long five minutes this small jury of two decided a verdict on this guilty proven innocent case that had occurred, I was proven innocent, freed to go with my chosen products and my due back change from the hundred dollar bill. An indifferent encounter indeed, although I do see why the actions were taken, but such actions that severely, was out of the question.

In today’s society, these drastic measures seem to be occurring more and more often. Guilty proven innocent I call it, because you are given absolutely no trust, being treated as a guilty criminal until they can prove you innocent, but even then they still will not trust you. Examples of this would be security checks at sport events, airports, country borders, schools and now cashiers and a number of other things. No longer are we innocent proven guilty, is that the American freedom our Army fights for? Is that the freedom we the people deserve?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Selfish Ignorance

There is no excuse to our actions as Americans for our selfish lust of instant gratification. Everyone wants their way now. Have we not grown up? America as a whole is getting lazy, selfish and unqualified for responsibility. America has become single-minded, only thinking of ourselves. If this continues, our nation will fall because of our own self-destoration. What has caused this out rage?! Now more than ever has the media, music, schools and internet pushed on us swearing, sex, legal drugs and a gay acceptance; and pushed modesty, purity, careness, and intelligent design out. Could that be the cause? And How is it that there is no "scientific" discovery that explains why humans are given such extraordinary intelligence and an incomprehensible ability to choose? Every human is completely different in: skin color, hair, eyes, face, voice, finger print, height, bone structure, and of course our uniquely personalized DNA. Why are we so different from each other? If its because of evolution, why haven't any other animals evolved as far as us? Doesn't it take more faith to believe that we evolved from a single-cell organism so many billions, maybe even trillions of years ago, than it does to believe that there is a creator? Evolution is a religion, it takes faith to believe it.

A Little about Me and My Blog

A little background on me perhaps may suit the best of your interest; who in the right mind, anyways, would want to obtain knowledge from an unknown. My name is Bjorn from an unknown state, if you catch my drift, and the reason I decided to write a blog, simply is because of the very fact that I think almost alien to the norm of my age, being a teenager, feeling obligated to write down and publish my thoughts, ideas, and central steps to a life filled with what everyone is searching for; a life of happiness, joy independent of circumstances, and wealth in knowledge. Although, this is my blog’s topic, certainly beyond extraordinary, I can’t say myself that I have achieved perfect happiness, for I am just as humanly blooded as you are. However, I must say this ahead of time that without the belief of an almighty, one and only God, happiness is impossible to obtain. I know this might deeply anger some of you, but every human being has a whole in their heart that can only be filled by God Himself. We must come to an understanding that life is not centralized around our self and that rejection of God is caused by our own pride fullness and selfishness; that is rejecting logic, making ourselves Gods.

Again, this blog is entitled Beyond Extraordinary, and I am the author, Bjorn. You can contact me at my email: sevenrebelsoforder@hotmail.com, if you have any questions or concerns. I am excited to see the outcome of this blog. God Bless